When fat accumulates around the stomach area there are more than just aesthetic reasons to get back into shape. An accumulation of abdominal fat can lead to serious health problems, such as heart disease. A stomach diameter of over 88cm in women and over 100cm in men can pose a significant health risk. Training conducted in combination with a compression and vacuum therapy has been shown to eliminate stubborn fat deposits. The Vacunaut does exactly this – it attacks fat in the abdominal and hip region.
The Vacunaut targets the middle section of the body – a problem area for men and women. The Vacunaut successfully combines three therapies – concentrating each of their effects and advantages in one device to treat the abdominal and hip area.

Hypoxi skin rejuvenationActivating fat burning

Applying low pressure – Vacuum therapy
The application of low pressure draws the blood into the dermal layer and fatty tissue and boosts circulation. This allows blood enriched with nutrients and oxygen to enter the problem areas and effectively transport toxins and burnt fatty acids away from the region.
Hypoxi bodyshaping studio, skin rejuvenationTransportation of fatty acids

Applying high pressure – Compression therapy
The application of high pressure has the effect of pushing toxins and fatty acids out of the dermal tissue and into the circulatory system, where they are transported through the blood to the muscles and burnt off as fuel for movement. Additionally, through a gentle pulling and pushing, the skin is constantly trained throughout the treatment. As a result, the skin becomes firm and strong, improving the look and feel of the skin and serving to protect internal organs.
VacunautFat burning

Training and Exercise – a form of therapy itself
It is a well accepted fact that movement is essential for fat burning. Exercise is therefore a critical element of the Vacunaut. The patented HYPOXI Pressure Suit allows the client to undertake moderate training in complete comfort. This training can be undertaken on a treadmill, elliptical trainer or an ergo meter. The Vacuanut creates a flow of energy by combining three well known therapies. The latest technology and complex software allows every Vacunaut client to have their own personalised program. Vacunaut sessions are easy to program and the equipment itself has fully automated functionality.


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